Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Today i took a personality test, and apparently i'm melancholy. Odd, considering i took the same exact test last year and my personality proved to be entirely different. I think that those tests are just bs-ed half the time and hardly anyone really takes them seriously. However, there's a certain curiousity about them. It leaves people thinking "am i really like that?" No of course you're not like that. It's impossible to label someone's personality depending on some 1986 test made just based off of god knows what. I wish i could make it sound less inferior than it is, but it's really not. Anyway, i have one more thing to rant about. Why is this generation so oblivious to everything? They claim to see beauty according to how society puts it. Yet when they're sick of that said beauty, they look for other ways to see it. It digusts often, when people claim to be "creative" and "classy", but then again how many times have you seen that same exact thing replicated? I admit i have been one to fall prisoner to this style of thinking. It's so deceiving, yet so tempting....

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