Saturday, August 29, 2009


i love ska


Plunge me into oblivion. That would really be great. Right-O.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I said soon, didn't I? Anywho, lately so much has come over me, mostly mentally & emotionally. I should have realized that every single ounce of my contentment was bound to go down the drain sooner or later. As I was rereading my posts, I stumbled across one that said: "Love is so presumptous..." I was right. How can one completely decide on happiness, or love for that matter, as if it's something that will remain forever. It won't. Nothing lasts forever. Of course if you were to go crazy thinking about beliefs of some sort, you would say that your Father, your Lord, your Almighty One will never forsake you. How can you say that? I, for one, am in constant doubt of this. Is it wrong for me to have questions? People look down on me as if I have no intelligence whatsoever, & as if I'm making irrational decisions. In the end, I think it is them being irrational. Now, I'm going back to the mindset I had before. I'm letting go of my questions. Of course, they're still there, everyone has questions in the back of their mind. But I am going to remain True To Myself. Not letting anything, or anyone get in the way of that. I've made that mistake once, recently as a matter of fact. But I won't go back to that, even if I have to fight it. So be it.

Dear Blog,

I know I've abandoned you so, when was the last time I've written? Here I am to say that I will try to start posting some more of my thoughts. So much has come over me. Will write more soon. SOON.