Tuesday, September 30, 2008

our generation plus past generations

honestly, i'm really looking forward to the current adult generation dying out. not saying theyre bad people, but everything for them is so narrow-minded. i cannot stand the current state of politics, it's basically the old generations (McCain) plus new generations (Obama). really..shouldn't we be focusing more on current events? there is abortion going on..although i don't agree with it. there is gay marriage going on. i support that. there are millions of people who have recently made life decisions that are more known and supported be people of our age. it's hard to deal with adults/parents who don't realize that they're going to die soon..and there is a whole new generation about to replace them and their worldviews. everything is going to change! so might as well start now before people start to blow up because they're being contained in little tiny itsy bitsy boxes (homeschoolers).
based on that, people will only know what is taught to them. if they arent taught what they need to know in order to deal with life, the world will be a highly UNeducated place. kids and teens should be exposed to everything, good and bad. how can you know what's "right" and "wrong" if you don't even know where to draw the line!?

Saturday, September 6, 2008


so the game is in about 15 minutes,
it should be rathhherrr exhilarating

me and ziggy marley have certainly bonded