Tuesday, June 24, 2008


leaving tomorrow :D
hope i have a safe flight, and i'll try posting some pictures soon.

Friday, June 6, 2008


A normal box of paints was always an excellent key to the imagination; however creativity can also be expressed with something more unique. Paints are a typical tool used in making art; however a can of spray paint is pure genius. Whether it is the eye-catching silver can, or the immediate thrust of color unleashed when in use, the can comes to life. When you take an ordinary can and release the nozzle, plain as it is, your senses are immediately overwhelmed with the artistry of the paint splashed across a cold canvas. Vandalism is merely a label marked by the others used to describe a matchless sea of color, unusual to the eyes, yet containing a hidden mystery. The naked brick canvas is immediately injected with something most radiant and vibrant. As the blue and white paint spells out symbolic words, pedestrians ignore the magnificence and depth of a simple piece of art. The artist grasps the can as if it's worth a thousand pieces of silver, and blindly moves abut the cold stone in a swaying motion. I always imagine creating a window to peace and ecstasy with this piece of aluminum. As letters spell out things that signify a great deal, I can finally immerse myself into thinking it could come true. The colors comfort me and they make my soul come to life in a dull world. A simple can is the key to all the pleasure you can imagine.


i'll definetely need this